Financial support to families in need of a higher level of medical care for their child. The funds benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Travel expenses (motel, food, gasoline, and emergency travel i.e.. airfare
  • Approved cancer-treating prescriptions not covered by health insurance
  • Reimbursement for CAT scans, ultrasounds, bone scans, or MRIs that fall outside of the definition of inpatient cancer treatment which is not covered under many health insurance policies.

The foundation expects to identify needs and monitor progress in the following manner:

  • An application
  • Adequate documentation by the attending physician confirming the need for specialized attention
  • Communication from the medical facility from which the child will be treated
  • Receipts for expenses that meet the support requirements and the mission of the fund

The finances are awarded on a three tier system:

  • Tier I: financial aid to families with children currently in treatment and continuing cancer treatment
  • Tier II: assistance for children with major medical needs who do not have cancer
  • Tier III: financial support for children with special needs who are not requiring major medical care