Each year the Jadyn Fred Foundation grants benefits to a wide range of needs. Though they all must fit within our non-profit guidelines. We’d like to share a couple of more visual aids, graphs, to help you learn more about the lives changed through the JFF.  

  Those dollars are all fine and dandy, right? But how do they correlate to real people? To families and children helped by the Jadyn Fred Foundation? Take a look at this second graph to match up the dollars spent with the number of families/children helped in that year. Dollars, yes. But those dollars directly help families in Montana.

 In 2003, we were pretty new. But we still helped 4 children. By 2008, 5 years later, we were up to helping at least 40 families a year. Now, over a decade later, the JFF has already helped over 45o (closing in on our 500th) families. From 4-500…yes, we plan to continue touching lives through financial support. We thank you for partnering with us. May the devastation of illness and debilitating injury never touch your child, but if it should then we plan to be here to help you, too. For more information on how to receive or refer someone for assistance, please click this link see how the JFF non-profit organization works.